Friday, August 21, 2015

return day 18 Fri 8-21

Fri 8-21 1700 hrs

Aloha Westward Fans:

Well, after bathing yesterday the sun was shinning and we were just motoring along. The talk lead to interesting remembrances of the travel that Scott amd Roger have done. Both could write books that would fascinate any enthusiast of travel. The both shared amazing stories and knew of the many remote locations they have traveled. Nothing like sunny skies and not other place to go.

We broke out of the no wind area mid afternoon and into the westerlies about 0200 hrs. We have been traveling at about 7.5 knows ever since. Two head sails and the full mainsail. Weather has been low gray clouds, no rain while we are on a close reach towards home. Our ETA to Catalina is in the wee hours Sunday AM. We hope to stop for breakfast at Two Harbors after a brief stay at Howlands Landing, our family's favorite place.

We just has a miraculous hookup. The BS fishing platform paid off again. We were bit by a small dordo which jumped off of the gaff, spit the hook out at which point Scott re-gaffed it in mid-air just after it thought it had out smarted Bill and Scott. We will only count it as one catch but really it was two.

The 'Westward Mottlies' are now in a run for home contest, prizes for the Mottly with the best average wheel watch speed. Excitement builds as each mile ticks off, this is really a home run. We are trying to get the dedicated Roger back to Work but not one else feels pressed to reach civilization. Our only visual contact out side of the Mottlies has been a few ships that have passed in the nite.

Waves: 2 to 3 ft.
lat 31 43n
lon 122 40 w
almost no debris in the water
lon 128 03w
no squalls just partial clouds

We will keep you informed as things progress.


Void, we missed it--COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY. (Looks like we will totally miss it)
More to follow!