Wednesday, August 12, 2015

return #2 Wed day 3

Aloha Westward Fans.

It appears that we beat Guillermo, except we have had constant 15 to 25 knot headwinds causing a due north compass heading. Squalls to 35 knots cause us to feather the staysail and double reefed main. The staysail stays up and the wind velocity determines the number of reefs in the main, mostly 2. Today at 00:00 hours we cross the tanker Ernst M on its way to Japan. The communication officer said with winds will be better east, what a relief to know. We are wet all over and need some drying time, come on High!
Two on watch at all times with a replacement every two hours, same time of day every other day, seems to work well. Oh, Oh, all hands called on deck to fight the fish that just now hooked up. We have enjoyed the Mahi thet we caught Monday for several meals with Windrose potatoes steamed in our pressure cooker. All systems go.
COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY.
More to follow!


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