Wednesday, August 12, 2015

return #6 Sunday day 7

Aloha Westward Fans.
Saturday was a BUST, no fish only blue skies, blue water nice sun and good company. After the Bloody Marys wore off we went to work for Ocean Cleanup. We completed 6 1hr trawls, 2 30 minute observations, documented the filters and the crap they contained. The monstrous trawling fixture has a 6 inch micro filter bag that collects what the trawl with its 30 inch opening traps on the surface of the pristine ocean. Even when the ocean look beautiful, the filter captures bits of plastic every 1 hour trawl. The mico plastic is everywhere, you normally just don,t notice. The study is only keeping pieces that are under 2 cm. Our crew is maintaining a stash of the larger pieces so the trash will not just be hear-say. Actually Laurie Banner is doing all of the work, the guys are good support hoisting the trawl off and on Westward by our spinnaker pole lifting crane.

Ona voyage like this personalities blossom. Lets talk about Roger Gough, his dedication to work is amazing. He needs get back to continue his teaching career and the boat will not go fast enough or strait enough. After discussing the options, we decided to motorsail when boat speed was too low. This will work well as long as our fuel holds out. ps under the BS fishing platform is an additional 100 gallons. We will keep our fingers crossed and paddle as fast as we can so we can return Roger in time

water: unseen floaties
wind 8 knots
waves 1 foot
sky puffy clouds

We will keep you informed as things progress

lat 33 24n
lon 155 19w
wind 12 k
sea 2 ft waves
spirits: high

COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY.
More to follow!


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