Wednesday, August 12, 2015

return #9 Sunday day 10

Aloha Westward Fans.

With the halting of fishing because of huge Mahi today's info will be short. We have been moving south to where the treasure zone is supposed to be more dense. Our first 3 trawls today actually have resulted in fewer particles but I may have seen the same tire and wheel that Graham pointed out on the race. We are actually in the same area we passed 2 weeks ago but going the opposite direction the ocean feels much different. We are on the wind today whereas 2 weeks ago we were under spinnaker flying along. We just passed the point where we changed from (W)est for Westward to a heading of 210 deg. mag for Howlands or Hawaii during the race. We hope the winds allow us to head for home of 65 deg mag. We are currently sailing about 90 deg to reach the high density trash area.

We believe that luck will prevail as we have had several escorts of dolphins in the recent past and will see all of our loved ones soon

water: unseen floaties
Waves: 4 ft.
sky: puffy clouds no squalls today
lat 31 21n
lon 146 30w
wind 18 k

We will keep you informed as things progress.

spirits: high

COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY.
More to follow!


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