Wednesday, August 12, 2015

return #4 Friday day5

Aloha Westward Fans.
Oh Well, false alarm, The Mahi slid off of the "Bill and Scott" (BS) fishing platform with a roll of the boat. BS built a substantial fishing platform on the stern of Westward under the pretext of securing the 2 55 gal. drums of extra fuel. The platform will survive a complete roll over but the real beauty is the 24x48 inch knife holding working cutting board. I think they are planning on a Wahoo. We did catch several other Mahi that were not nearly as big as "THE FISH THAT GOT AWAY", but were still plenty large enough to eat. We love "catch and release"!

We just put up the large topsail as the winds are beginning to soften, now doing about 5.5 knots about 020 deg. mag. The waves are down, decks dry, beautiful early morning moon, good food, beautiful sunset and sunrise, all spirits are high. Just like Transpac, we will all forget the 1st 4 days.

We are just now approaching the Trash study zone and have made contact with the mother ship. They promised to deliver the bridal for the trawl that was inadvertently left off when head quarters made last minute modifications to the monstrosity.

We will keep you informed as things progress

lat 33 24n
lon 155 19w
wind 12 k
sea 2 ft waves
spirits: high

COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY.
More to follow!


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