Thursday, August 20, 2015

return day 17 thurs 8-20

Thurs 8-20 1700hrs

Aloha Westward Fans:

Sorry for the screwed up header dates, I know that bad data is no good.
414 miles to go.

What a difference a day makes!
This morningf at 0200 hrs we turned on the engine for lack of wind. We have entered the no wind zone. At noon we shut off the motor, dropped the sails and dove into the beautifully calm blue Pacific to clean the jelly from between our toes. It was such a wonderful feeling that after we were back under way we all celebrated with ice and cold toddies.
We calculate that we will be back into an acceptable breeze by 0400 tomorrow. If this holds true, it looks like beautiful sailing all the way back, maybe Sunday AM (wishful thinking). We have got to get Roger back to work.

While we were swimming, we noticed what looked like the bloody reminisce of a hit and run on the port quarter. After discussion we determined it was evidence of all the activity that the BS fishing table has created. A brush soap and water removed most of the evidence.

We have aired out, dried off, and are heading home, fuel and water supply is adequate.

Please wish us fair winds and good sailing and we will see you soon.

ssLast night we tacked to starboard after weeks of port tack and have been able to head directly to LA. The computer shows 1 day of good sailing, miles of no wind, and final days of good sailing. We hopefully have reserved enough fuel to handle most of the no wind days, we'll see. This morning we shook out all of the reefs and have had a beautiful double headsail beam reach. We expect to hit the light stuff tonite. All are on deck enjoying everyones' company and not dinner preparations are under way.

We all hope to bathe in the blue pacific in the middle of the no wind area so we do not continue to stick to our clothes.

All's well, just leave the light on for us.

Arrival prediction will take place when we break into the westerlies and remember Roger has to work on Monday.

: unseen floaties
Waves: 2 to 6 ft.
lat 29 48n
lon 128 03w
wind 10 to 15 k
no squalls just partial clouds

We will keep you informed as things progress.


Void, we missed it--COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY. (Looks like we will totally miss it)
More to follow!


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