Saturday, August 15, 2015

return day 14 sat 8-15

0900 Thurs Aug 13

Aloha Westward Fans:
We have elected to head in a more Easterly direction because our fuel is getting low and we want to save it for refrigeration, electrical power and dead spots. We did slow down to check the rig, transfer fuel from the BS fishing platform and land another Mahi, not as large and the huge one but about 4 pounds lighter, still a trophy in most tournaments. We will continue east and let the wind eventually lift us back to LA.

Do to the time constraints and the increment weather we have encountered the last several days, we are discontinuing the trawl but Lorie will continue the requested surface observations the has been performing.

We just passed a shipping crate that Farmer Bill identified its use is for transporting 500# of citrus. We then immediately entered a multi squall line in which we missed the rain but got the wind. We had the 130% roller furling topsail and a double reefed main. We just sailed higher than normal for about 20 minutes to ease the stress on the rig then fell back off and happily continue on our way.

Spirits are high but we are looking forward to a freshwater shower and sheets without salt!

: unseen floaties
Waves: 1 to 4 ft.
lat 30 27n
lon 137 18w
wind 12 k

We will keep you informed as things progress.

spirits: high

COME ON HIGH and hopefully DRY. (Looks like we will totally miss it)
More to follow!


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