Friday, July 14, 2017


On Resolute, we talk about all kinds of light, but there are three that dominate conversation: direct sunlight, moonlight and light wind. One of those lights makes night sailing way easier. The other two make things hot and slow. For the last 36 hours, we had all three (obviously, sunlight and moonlight at different times). The worst of those lights for us? Light wind.

Up until yesterday morning, as you have probably seen, we were in a comfortable lead in our class and in spitting distance of the overall win. Then, rudely, the wind shifted and died and put us in a position to sail almost the opposite of the way Resolute likes to be sailed. We went slow for a long time.

Now, we're racing for second in our class, which is still pretty darn good. The boats that have already finished owe us time, so we're really just racing the clock at this point.

The wind has picked back up and Resolute is (literally) humming along. The ocean is the bluest blue and the best part is that we have under 60 miles to go. Everyone is a little brighter and cheerier. The downside of all of this is that we've had to close all the hatches and it's getting pretty--uh--tropical down below.

We've got Maui in our sights and are not long until we'll see Molokai as well. Depending on what the wind does, we still have a couple of maneuvers to the finish and then we'll drop the sails and head in to Hawaii Yacht Club. If all goes as planned tonight we'll sleep in real beds and not stacked on top of each other (I'll just leave that to your imagination).

I've just been informed that Brian is whipping up risotto with chicken for our (again, hopefully) final dinner tonight. Sounds pretty good to me!

All is well aboard Resolute (and getting better with each passing mile).


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